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"Nothing in Life is Meant to Be Done Alone" 



In August 2017, I, Carlean  was 23 years old and a year out of undergrad and still searching for an opportunity in and outside of my field.  Unfortunately, I ran into many shut doors. Some doors would open just a bit, then shut.  I was left  feeling hopeless. Until, an opportunity arose from the most unexpected place, family.

Our eldest sister had just given birth to our nephew.  She requested I take his first photos. My equipment consisted of an iPhone 7 Pro, desk light, and a few inside-out t-shirts (for a black  backdrop). The end results was a successful photoshoot in an hospital. 

Through Faith in God, a motivational speech from our mother, and a talent from above. It was then, that KapShaun LLC. was born!

Jasmine (then 25),saw the many layers involved in building the brand from the ground, up. As a mother of two (a newborn at the time), she found time to assist wherever was needed. Her presence instantly turned  an individual  job into a team effort!


We had very little knowledge of running a photography, videography, editing company. Yet, we did (and still do) what was necessary to convert an in-home brand to a full fledge business. We held weekly meetings,  invested in the business, and networked as much as possible. When it came time for a session with a client, we packed equipment, props, small snacks, and ourselves into my compact car, Mazi (Not a We drove all over Georgia for our clients. All the while, our professional relationship flourishing just as much as our personal.


We do what is needed to see one another and the business grow. However, that includes many days / nights of tears, no rest, and moments of ending it all. Doubt has arisen many times. The pressure of being "another person taking photos / videos" in an oversaturated environment.  Also, the pressure of making executive decisions and one poor decision potentially causing a downward spiral. So, the feeling of "this too much work" can become very bothersome! Yet, where one is  frustrated, the other one is there to keep everything afloat. 

"It's Balance!"

It's A Family Thing!

For us, it is a family thing ! It started with family and we continuously grow our bond.  Even our clientele is considered our relatives. We have to learn their "on camera" personality, so by the end of their session, we become related through the lens!




Founder | Director of Photographer 

Marketing Specialist 

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